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Brief Encounter (1945)

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Brief Encounter (1945) Breve encuentro, is a romantic drama, directed by David Lean with Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard, Stanley Holloway and Joyce Carey.

Brief Encounter (1945) Breve encuentro

In late 1938, Laura Jesson, a respectable but somewhat bored married woman, takes the train every Thursday to go shopping to Milford and attend a morning session at the movies. One night at the station bar, Dr. Alec Harvey helps her and removes a speck of coal from her eye. He is also married and every Thursday he goes to the hospital for consultations.

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The meetings happen and a strong sympathy arises between the two but one day they meet Laura's friends to whom they tell a lie. They both realize that perhaps a stronger feeling of friendship is being born that could lead to a betrayal of their respective spouses, a betrayal that is not consummated just by an unexpected event.

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Conscious of not being able to have a future together, of not wanting to ruin their families, in the end they decide to separate: Alec has in fact received a job offer in South Africa where his brother lives and decides to accept it.

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Their last meeting takes place in the station bar, the same where they met, disturbed by the presence of Dolly Messiter, an old acquaintance of Laura.

DVD Cover: Brief Encounter

DVD Cover: Brief Encounter

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Género:Drama, Melodrama, Romantic Drama
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